Monday, 21 February 2011

All Quiet on the Building Front

The workmen finally left and we now have a concrete square outside our back door and a big brick wall beside it - not sure what is going to happen next - it's all quiet just now. We had some snow the other day - that was a surprise. I don't much like getting wet or muddy but snow's not too bad except when it gets caught in your beard and turns into snowballs! This was me when we had a lot of snow at Christmas:

Anyway the snow has all gone now and the garden is green again. Satin & Lace  (the cats) have started going out more now it's not so cold - they try and spend as much time sleeping as possible. Me and Alfie have to make sure they get a bit of exercise or they would get much too fat & lazy so we always chase them down the garden or up the stairs to keep them fit. We are good friends though really.

This is me and Lace on the bed.

I'm off to training class tonight with Alfie. I'm working to get my Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award. Alfie already has his Bronze so he's working for Silver. And I'm going to a Show on Sunday - more to follow1

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