Thursday, 29 November 2012

Winter Fashion

Well the rain has stopped at last but now it has become very cold. We had a frost last night and even though the sun is shining it is very cold here today. So Leigh thought we could look out our winter jackets for a fashion shoot in the garden. That was fun for the hens who all came to watch!

I am modelling my bone pattern hoodie (from last year but I don't mind not being seen in the latest fashion :-))

Trilby has the red silk lined Burberry jacket although she was more interested in furtling than modelling!

and Aoife has the diamond quilt padded jacket in black - as you can probably see she was not impressed and said she couldn't even stand let alone walk in a jacket so she sat for the picture. Affenpinschers prefer to go au naturel and Alfie Crybbe couldn't even be persuaded to try his winter togs on. Maybe when the snow comes?

This is me and Trilby just checking that the stranger in the jacket wasn't really a stranger but a close relative BOL :-)


  1. Oh BOW-WOW you all look very nice, all cosey and warm for this bitterly cold winter, its been freezing here and last night when I went outside for my "peep before sleep" I swear that my "peep" was steaming! It was THAT cold! Brrrr! BOL!
    Stay warm everyone, I love that you get put in coats too! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx

  2. Brrrr, it's nippy down here too today, but we're just pleased we're not muddy, well not as muddy.
    Susie-Belle had her Equafleece jumper on this morning's walk, Renae isn't keen on hers so we let her off. With the cold forecast, tomorrow we might get out the Hurtta's, they're very cosy and warm. xx

  3. They look great! I just found a similar jacket for Fozzie but never having had one for my pups before, it occurred to me to wonder whether the jacket presents a problem when a boy dog has to pee? Stay warm!

    1. Our mini schnauzer boy Kaska (now over Rainbow Bridge) used to manage fine peeing when he was wearing his jacket - some are better than others though for a male. We have some lovely quilted jackets from years back for our mini girls and they zip up along the back so it's snug and warm over their tummy and I could see those being harder for a male dog but quite a few are more back and sides cover only and they should be fine :-)- Leigh (Magic's Mum)

  4. Thank dog it doesn't get cold enough here for coats. We can't move if we have clothes on.

    You look great. And we hope those chickens didn't laugh at you because chickens no NOTHING about fashion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  5. You guys look terrific in your winter coats! You should all be on the doggie runway modelling your duds. I love the pic of Aoife in her padded jacket. she does not look impressed! LOL!

  6. You all look like super models in your lovely coats. It certainly is bitterly cold. Annie got her coats (yes, plural) out of storage weeks ago. Lurchers are such wusses :-)

    I always say it's a good job us hoomans don't say hello like that :-)

  7. You look terrific and I think Aoife looks a little like a biker!! BOL! I'm not mad about coats - and it is rare for the weather to get cold enough to justify wearing one. Dad dad always sticks up for me when mum wants to put me in something..... thank goodness for dad dad!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  8. You guys look great in your coats!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. You all should be models!

  10. I just wanted to thank you for always posting the cutest outfits that are also affordable!!! I am on a tight budget but still love to shop and try these outfits for my cute dog. I so appreciate all the ideas that work within a budget. Thank you!!

  11. These are stunning photos… you look beautiful and I love how you styled with them.
    I think the sunglasses is collab is amazing, the frame is interesting but it really looks like it could flatter anyone’s face shape!