Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brayton Barff

Today me and Alfie Crybbe had a trip to Brayton Barff which is a woodland not far from our village. There are lots of paths to follow and good places for furtling!

This is the view across the fields from the wood and this is Alfie and me setting off:

Just checking that Judith and Leigh are coming - they walk so slowly sometimes!

There are lots of ancient trees in this wood and strange knobbly trunks:

as well as ferns and flowers. These are some rosebay willow herb:

And now on to some furtling:

Then Alfie Crybbe came to investigate:

There were so many good smells that needed investigating:

But then I thought I heard something moving so I set off to see what was going on:

and suddenly right by the wood was a field and in the field there were horses:

They saw me and started coming over to investigate:

So I decided to go back and find the others quickly! I thought they might try to get into the wood so Alfie and me stood guard for a bit in case Judith & Leigh needed protecting:

But they didn't get out of the field so we were alright after all and headed off home for a rest. We were going to tell Aoife and Caoimhe all about it but when we got home they were fast asleep!


  1. What a brilliant walk, glad to see you are well and truly keeping up the Schnauzer furtling tradition! We're glad to see the sunshine back today after all that horrible wet stuff too :-) Dex and Lou xxx

  2. Excellent walk. Lots to sniff out there! Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Hello Magic, we wanted to leave our comment on your latest post but blogger didn't want us to do...... Anyway, we're glad you're back!!!! We enjoyed seeing the photos of so many Schnauzers!! And the costume contestants made us smile. What a fun day!!

    Have a happy weekend!!
    Momo & Pinot