Friday, 13 January 2012

Pawsome Blogger Award

pawsome blogger award

Thank you to Haopee at  for this lovely award!

I am honoured to accept it and to nominate 8 other furry friend blogs that I enjoy following. There are so many wonderful dogblogs it's hard to pick just a few but here are some of my favourites:

1. Rubie the schnauzer girl in Australia who always makes me smile.

2.Wyatt and his sister Stanzie 2 Airedales enjoying life in Oregon - gardening tips included.

3. Dante and Daisy-Boo (Labradoodles) and their giant 'brother' Sampson the great Dane - fun and games in Cumbria UK

4. Tessa the cute Maltese pup living in Oregon with her disabled Mom - she loves her stuffies and has some great outfits for special occasions.
5. Tooki and her miniature schnauzer Coco and her 'brother' Wawa - always informative and interesting blog with great photos of the dogs, people & customs in Sabah, Malaysia

6. Daisy and Bella 2 scotties in Australia with their 'sister' Roxy - another blog to make you smile!

7. Matilda the wirehaired dachshund who enjoys life in Japan and blogs about her days out and local customs.

8. Muffin - a very cute little ShihTzu who lives in Singapore - she is very sweet  :-)

Check them out if you do not follow them already!

And more details of my schnauzer date to follow....


  1. Congratulations! I'll make sure to visit the other blogs after I am done writing on yours... thanks for the advice and for nominating such great blogs!

    All4UrPet Representative

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  2. Congratulations on your award. We'll have to check out some of those other blogs. thanks for thinking of us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  3. Congratulations to you!

    And thank you so much for our award...we are so honoured <3

    Big big slobber to you Magic!


  4. Congratulations!! And thank you so so so so much! I've never received an award before, so this is my first! I really appreciate it!

    A huge lick,

  5. Hi Magic - congrats on your award and THANKS for passing it onto me. I have to get mum onto it asap.....yep she's been a little "sluggish" this week, but each day she is feelin' better. I had her up playing tennis balls with me and she even helped me learn a new trick too.

    Your blog is also top of my fav's list!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  6. Wow! You have friends all over the world!!!

    I'll be visiting the ones I haven't gone through yet.

    Congratulations. And more cuteness to your brother and sisters- especially you, of course.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. Hi magic!
    Thanks for the award! I love your blog and cute pictures too!

  8. Congratulations on your award, Magic!

  9. Hey Magic! A BIG Congrats on your Much Deserved Award!

    I would also like to Thank You fur givin me the Award too!

    woos, Tessa