Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Affens at the Abbey

Leigh; I would like to say thank you so much for all your kind messages after my last posting. They were all greatly appreciated. Judith & I are still struggling with our emotions but I must admit a cloud has lifted here as far as our other dogs are concerned which has also been a bit shocking to realise how Caoimhe's illness was affecting them on a daily basis. Crybbe the 'top boy' affen clearly recognised his inability to challenge a dog twice his size and had withdrawn from much contact with the other dogs; Magic too had become more of a snoozer than an active girl and of course little Aoife was living with anxiety. Crybbe and Magic have suddenly become much more playful; Trilby is  calming down and re-bonding with her mum and Aoife. But Aoife is still suffering from the trauma and our priority now is to try and give her back her self confidence and reduce her fear. At present she is running upstairs to hide when anyone comes home until she knows Caoimhe is not with them and even when we take her out she runs to hide when we get back until she feels safe. Out of the house she is more confident so at the end of last week we took Aoife and Crybbe out for a trip to Fountains Abbey and they really enjoyed themselves in the magnificent ruins. Here are some of the pictures:

2 tiny dogs in the arch

A close-up

Stately ruins

Crybbe & Aoife

In the Abbey grounds

Affens by the lake

Magic will be back blogging very soon and is bursting with energy wanting to tell all her friends about her days out and other activities...:-)


  1. We hope she is back to her normal self real soon! That looks like one lovely outing too!

  2. OMD, We are so sorry for what all of you have gone through. Very very sorry.

    Your friends,
    Momo, Pinot and mom

  3. Ohh your dogs are so cute :D

    Maria Marcos

  4. What a lovely day out and probably just the best thing for you all right now to do. What an emotional time for you, you're all very brave getting through this awful time,

  5. These pictures are just beautiful. I'm so glad to hear that your babies are getting back to their normal selves. I'm sure in time with lots of love and reassurance Aoife will come around. It must have been so traumatizing. I wish you all, all the best!

    Thank you for your kind comments for Freddie. :)

  6. As sad as that was...there is a bright side. Glad to hear that the other dogs are finding peace.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. I'm glad you are doing things you enjoy and visiting beautiful places. It's going to take time, but with your love and understanding Aoife will regain her confidence.
    Sending my love and best wishes to you.
    Eileen and Annie xx

  8. Lovely photos! I Love them!
    Happy World Day of the Animal to all of you.
    Blanca says "Hi" and sends licks and woofs ;)

    Best wishes,

    André Moreiras
    Passos Caninos

  9. Beauitful photos of the two of them, enjoyed your visit.
    Time is a great heeler, Aoife will get there soon
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx