Monday, 26 November 2012

Our First Xmas Card & a Schnuggle of Schnauzers

We got our very first Christmas card this weekend! All the way from the Philippines with pretty stamps on the envelope. It was from our dear friend Haopee - thank you so much Haopee - our card is on its way to you :-) Trilby was so excited as she has never even had a Christmas card before she wanted to keep it by her bed so she could keep looking at it.

Look at those little baubles with the faces of our furry friends!

Our other news is that we will be getting a new carpet before Christmas so we won't be putting up our decorations just yet.

Somedoggy chewed a big hole in the stair carpet but we think they were just letting the peeps know it was time for a change. So we are getting a lovely new bright carpet in a couple of weeks. There will have to be a lot of moving things around and the house is getting all topsy-turvy clearing rooms for the carpet men to come. We decided to keep out of the way on the sofa and then what happened:

Hundreds of furry toy schnauzers joined us!

Trilby said the peeps called them Steiffs and said they were very old German schnauzers and not for playing with :-(  but she did manage to run off with a 50 year old 'Tessie' until Judith caught her and got it back. 

Fancy having all these toys and not one for playing with!!


  1. Haopee's Christmas card is lovely. Awww Trilby's 1st Christmas, she will love it.
    Oh dear to the poor carpet and you'll have such an upheaval while having the new one fitted. It will be lovely when it's all finished. Hope you doggies have your instructions to respect the new carpet!
    Wow, I love all your Steiff schnauzers, they're beautiful! I just have one Steiff squirrel called Kecki. Daughter-in-law collects Steiff hippos.
    Definitely not for playing with :-)

  2. We have a Steiff scottie and we're not allowed to play with it either.....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Hey - I LOVE your stuffies ..... SOOOO COOOLLLLLL! We ned new carpet around here too - not because of me though - but my mum can't bear the thought of having to shift everything to allow that to happen. So we wait!!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  4. That's a very nice Christmas card!

  5. What a beautiful card from Haopee! I can't wait to see your new carpet. those are some great Schnauzers you didn't get to play with. I'm sure your Judith must have almost died when Trilby took off with the 50 year old Tessie. Yikes!

  6. Aww - sorry you can't play with any of the Steiffs.

  7. Now that is a lot of doggies, took us a while to figure out which ones were real, bol!


  8. Love your Steiffs. We have a couple of Airedale Steiffs, one that is very old. Look but no play :(

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  9. Steiffs? Is that like Stuff toy in another language? Aww! Are they pricey possessions like premium stuffies?

    Great. We didn't think you'd get the so soon. It usually takes a month before stuff reach us so I was assuming you'd get my card a lot later! I am glad you like it.

    Maybe that "someone" thought gray didn't match their fur. ^^

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. The group photo is awesome! We almost couldn't find you in there! Mum wishes are collection was as grand as yours, but she finds it hard finding black schnauzer stuff.

    ~Love, the SugarHighK9s