Friday, 12 April 2013

Puppy Mayhem

Yes this is me - on the dining table :-) 
You may be wondering why...Trilby came to ask me as well.

I tried to tell her that it's very hard work raising 4 pups and they are getting bigger and more mischievous every day. All I wanted was a bit of peace and quiet really.

I try to keep them clean and fed but look at this - one of my girls trying to chew on her sister's leg....

the two boys having bitey face games....

and when they finally settle down to have some breakfast I'm nearly squashed!

Well, at least after a feed they are all ready for a nap :-)

And when they're asleep they can be very cute I suppose  :-)


  1. OH! The puppies are almost as big as you are! I can't imagine!!!


  2. Not surprised you needed a rest Magic, you are doing a wonderful job with those pups though, they all look strong, healthy and happy xxx

  3. Oh bless, Magic you are so very cute on the dining table having some alone time, your pups are very mischievous little ones indeed, love the bity face photo, all the photos are so very adorable, you feeding them and getting squished was both cute and funny, I do feel sorry for you but as a neutered male I am so happy that I will not have to deal with such troublesome puppies, but seeing them cuddled up sleeping, squeee, that melts my heart! Love and licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  4. We think you found the best resting place.

    hope they pups don't get any early teeth...ouch!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Oh poor you, these photos are priceless love you on the table and the one when you have fed them and its nap time, that pup on his belly :)
    Rest up when you can
    Love George xxx

  6. Oh Magic!! Our mom said she understands how you feel. We hope you had a good break.

    Your pups are soooo cute!

    Momo and Pinot xo

  7. Puppies are always cute when they are sleeping, your such a good Mum!


  8. Such sweet, sweet pictures, I love the one of the pup on her/his back with a full belly on show, so delightful. What a great mum you are Magic, Susie-Belle and Twinkle send you lots of hugs and strength, they both know how hard you are working, Renae says "what's all the fuss about, puppies are fun, not hard work", oh the innocence x

  9. You deserve a nap Magic.
    Handy place out of the way up there :-)