Monday, 24 February 2014

The New Arrivals


Yes bloggy friends this is a post about our new arrivals who came unexpectedly early and the photo is my girl Trilby who made me a granny on Friday morning when she had her first babies :-)


I didn't like to say that I thought she was looking a bit porky but it didn't surprise me when those pups decided enough was enough and they wanted to be born. Poor Trilby did not have such an easy time as I did with my babes. They should be born head first but the first one out decided to do things his own way and come out bottom first! Leigh & Judith had to do all they could to help as if was very painful for little Trilby. But the good news is that Trilby was a star and has given me six grand pups - YES 6 puppies - 3 girls and 3 boys :-)


                                            Here they are the day they were born.

Well Leigh is back sleeping downstairs with this new lot of babies. They were quite small at first being 5 days early but they are getting bigger every day and making lots of noise for such little ones. We haven't been allowed to see them yet but we do hear (and smell ) them now and again when we put our noses under the door. Trilby is not as protective as Aoife was with her pups and she doesn't mind Leigh & Judith lifting them out to weigh them and see they are OK. But she is a good mother (of course  being my daughter :-)) and sees to their needs and when she comes back from going outside herself she counts them to make sure there are none missing!


They are hungry little babies but Trilby will make sure they are well looked after and she did get a chance to catch a bit of sunshine in the garden today and a furtle around as a break from maternal duties.


                                                     Aoife keeping an eye on her too :-)


So more puppy pics to follow but just so I don't forget - Raven left us for his new home down south at the weekend and is settling in well with his family there - and here is a photo of him just before he left sharing the doughnut bed with me.



  1. Congrat's to all of you! Nothing cuter than a mini-Schnauzer puppy-unless it is a Bichon puppy.
    I think there will be lots of fun times at your house.
    Noreen & Hunter

  2. Congratulations,that is such wonderful news, its so nice to hear that everyone is doing great and that everyone is healthy, especially after the early arrivals, that must have been quite a surprise for you all, they look adorable, Trilby is an excellent Mother and to have you as a Grandmother, that is just amazing, so many loving people surrounding these puppies! I live experiencing the joys of Motherhood through you and seeing the puppies and hearing all that goes in to it is just so interesting and well...MAGIC!
    Love Frank XxxxX

  3. Congratulations!!! We didn't even realise more puppies were on the way. Well done, Trilby. We look forward to seeing all the puppy adventures. That pile of pups is just adorable.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. Well done, Trilby! Congratulations all round. You must be a proud granny, Magic. Love the pictures of the little ones, they're so cute! Can you tell them apart and have they been named yet? Looking forward to your updates.

    Lots of hugs and kisses,
    Fritz and Finley

  5. Aw - congratulations to all of you!
    How wonderful!

  6. Five days early? Is that okay? Did you put them in an incubator? Curiosity... sorry.

    Congratulations on the six new angels! Trilby is such an awesome mom for seeing this through.

  7. Ooooh how sweet, congratulations!


  8. Congratulations to all!! Tribby, your pups' pictures make our mom lots of noise... 'awwww, cute....awwwww, cute!' hehehe...

    Thank you for sharing wonderful news! :) :)

    Momo & Pinot

  9. Oh Magic, I almost missed this!
    Congratulations on becoming a grandma.
    Loving seeing all these puppy pics, glad Trilby is OK.