Monday, 28 April 2014

A Trip to Harewood House (part 1)


This grand building is Harewood House which is not too far from where we live. Last year my peeps took Trilby and Mabel for a visit but this time it was me and Saoirse who got to enjoy the grounds. 


Here I am by the ornamental flower beds - this was just before the rain came down in a sudden April shower!


This was the view in the rain but luckily before long the sun cam out again and we were able to have a good furtle around :-)


There were so many lovely flowers to see - bluebells, primroses and azaleas everywhere we looked;




There is a lovely walk around the banks of the river and there were plenty of ducks and geese to be seen.



                           And even a heron perching on a fence pole for a better view:


Saoirse enjoyed the sights and smells although she did pick up some raindrops and sand in her fur:


There was a Himalayan Garden, a walled vegetable and fruit garden and just so much to see. But I will save some of the pictures for another post.


                                                            See you soon :-)


  1. Hmmmmmm, is there a yak in the Himalayan garden?

    That's such a beautiful place to investigate for dogs and peeps.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy