Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More Reunions


Last week we had Gracie and Wilson staying and now we have my other daughter Mabel for her holidays :-) Mabel is Trilby's sister but this holiday she has been playing more with her niece Pip. They have had great games in the garden together. 


                           And then - what a surprise - this little furry baby came back to us!

                                                    This is Raven who is Saoirse's brother. 

He went to a new home a few months ago but now he has come back to stay here after all. He is a cheeky monkey and loves cuddles with our peeps :) . We are all getting to know him again and the affens are not sure if they are pleased he is back or not just yet but I think he will win them round.


                                                   He does look like Saoirse sometimes.


                                              And has his handsome posing moments too!


But before I forget here is another photo of my daughter Mabel too. She will be coming on a Schnauzer Walk this coming weekend so that will be fun. She is very sweet girl like her sisters Gracie and Trilby and loves meeting other people and dogs :-)


  1. Hello Raven. You're cute... And I remember Mabel... I do hope everybody's having fun.

    Cheeky Monkey!

  2. Awww welcome back home Raven.
    Enjoy your walk with Mabel this weekend.

  3. Mabel definitely reminds me of you, dear Magic.

    Raven looks so funny, like an adorable black monkey. That's a lot coming from me since I don't like monkeys.