Thursday, 3 September 2015

Harewood House with Gracie and Wilson


Here I am with Gracie (L) and Wilson in the middle on our visit to Harewood House to see some of the late summer flowers and have a stroll round the lake.


This is the bridge in the Himalayan Garden and Leigh took the photo of us watching her down below :-)


It is very green still here although autumn is on the way and there were still lovely flowers to see.



                            This is us taking a little rest after a look round the walled garden.


As you can see from our beards, the grass is still wet from a rain shower although it was fine while we were there.


                                              This is my handsome grandson Wilson :-)


                                                Me and Wilson looking out for ducks!


                                                     And a beautiful swan on the lake.


   Back at the courtyard cafe, my peeps tried to get us to pose on the steps but Gracie was not keen! 


                                          Why don't you join us Gracie - it's not very high :-)
          A good day out and  ( apart from the steps) Gracie and Wilson both enjoyed it too!

                          And to finish a photo of our little family posing together at home.


    From L-R me ( keeping out of the way at the back BOL) Pip, Trilby, Wilson and Gracie :-)