Friday, 15 January 2016

Great Grandma Magic


Well - it's official. I am now a great grandmother as my granddaughter Pip gave birth to three lovely little babies just over a week ago. Two boys and a girl and they are all doing well - twice as big today as they were a week ago!


                    Pip likes to feed them sitting up so she can keep an eye on them BOL


                                          Here she is making sure they are all clean :-)


                    These are the two boys yesterday - you can see how big they are growing.


And this is the little girl. All the babies still have their eyes closed but we are hoping they will open them soon :-)


Another photo of all three today - the little girl is the one on the left. The two brothers are very fond of each other and always try to sleep side by side. 

And here is Trilby - now she is a grandmother and just waiting until she can see her new grand pups. 

We are all looking forward to when they are big enough to come into the play pen in the kitchen and we can check them out. Maybe another week yet until their eyes open and they can hear so for now they stay warm and safe in the whelping box with Pip in the sitting room.


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