Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Walk in the Gardens at Castle Howard


This is Castle Howard which is a huge stately home in Yorkshire with woods and gardens and lots of lovely places to explore for peeps and their dogs. We canines are not allowed in the house but pretty much everywhere else which makes it a good place for a visit at any time of year.


           Pip came along with me and here we are in front of the beautiful azaleas with Judith.




        It was a very hot day and we were wondering whether to jump into the fish pond BOL


                                      Maybe not - there were some pretty big fish in there!

                              Here are some more photos from the grounds where we walked.











                                                                       And me!


By the time we got back to the car it was very hot! Luckily we had our cooling coats to put on which keep us lovely and cool when it gets too hot. Here is a photo of Pip - you can just see her cooling jacket - lovely and blue :-)





  1. Wow, what an amazing walk this is for Pip! Loving all the pictures, it looks beautiful there! Keep up with the great posts, very interested!