Wednesday, 21 September 2011

To show or not to show?

Well I thought I'd better come clean about my last show. Bad news all round - I came 6th out of 6. It couldn't have been any worse. I was so ashamed of my scrappy little beard I hated everyone looking at me when I had all these smart schnauzers with their long beards showing off and ..well that was it really.

Worse still was that my little sister Aoife the affenpinscher has been sweeping the board at the shows she's gone too even though she's only a baby. In her first show at the Scottish Kennel Club in Edinburgh she got Best Puppy in breed:

Then she came second in the puppy class at Darlington show and she qualified for Crufts at the Birmingham Championship show - all when she's only just over 6 months old.

She just has that kind of face that people love and she does strut her stuff in the show ring better than me. There's been talk of me not going to shows any more. My sister Caoimhe thinks she'll make a better show girl than me and says I can just blog about her when she starts winning prizes like Aoife. So maybe I will just become a social networking kind of schnauzer and write about things that we do here at the doghouse. Leigh says I don't need to win rosettes to be special  and I should just enjoy life and not worry about that scene any more. So to show there's no hard feelings - I do love them both really - here's a picture of my two little sisters sharing a seat in the conservatory:


  1. Oh Magic - don't feel bad - I think you would be a much better reporter on your household, like Clark Kent sorta!! That's what I do and it is a fulfilling occupation.........and then it is not so important that your "socks" are white or your beard is long!! Mum likes shorter beards anyway, she's says the long ones can make schnauzers look "old and angry" sometimes...BOL!

    PeeS: What I don't understand is Aoife's face hairstyle.....and she wins with that?? BOL!!!!

    We are on your side!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  2. Poor Magic, don't feel bad. It is in no way your fault that you wound up being judged by visually impaired adjudicators. It's happened to me a time or two.
    Look at Aoife, she just sports her cutest face and success follows! Well done to her!
    And Caoimhe may pretty but can she type? Or spell or use human friendly grammar?
    We schnauzer men do not keep all our talents in our beards!

  3. I think you look like the perfect example of what a schnauzer should. You are very beautiful and you can just be a supermodel like me. supemodeling is very fun, all you do is pose for treats and the camera takes pictures. mom puts up the pictures on my blog for me. The akc over here in the states wouldn't think about accepting me since my furs is white. I even have akc papers but they will only let me participate in agility. don't be upset about it, you can now devote your free time to being a writer.
    yuki (and rocket)

  4. Awww - poor Magic. It's okay. You're a unique and beautiful dog - just the way you are!
    Keep your head up, my friend!

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad showing day, keep going Magic things will get better. My own beard is rather distressed, as my neice has come to stay with us. She was born 01/06 and is called Katja, or "The Vampyr".

  6. Oh Magic, I think you are the best.I love your pretty beard. Much better than my beard...

  7. Magic - we think you are wonderful!!! Your beard will grow soon, I think youn will make a fabulous Blog Dog but don't give up yet :-)

    We were both meant to be show dogs but my nose was too short and Louis was a bit too tall but life has worked out well for us after all and the Momster doesn't miss the show ring either. However you are far too good to give up because of your beard...big licks and hugs to you from us.

    Little Sis does look fabulous doesn't she though :-)

    Dex and lou xxx

  8. Aw, don't feel so bad, please! There'll be other competitions and your beard will grow long (I prefer short beards like Rubie cos it makes you look cuter). Your sisters have done well (but so naughty, showing off to you) I look forward to a post with all 3 of you + medals and ribbons! Do drop by and visit my blog, it may cheer you up!