Friday, 30 September 2011

Harvest Festival Time

Here are some of the tomatoes Leigh & Judith have grown this year. Some are huge and some really tiny and it's the tiny ones we like to pick off the vine!

Caoimhe trying her first!

Aoife getting into her second!

Licking the juicy bits out of the middle...and then a bit of sweetcorn for afters:

Tastes good:

Sadly while they were all tucking in I was so tired I had taken a nap in the house...and fallen out of the bed..and had my picture snapped when I didn't know anything about it!

Can't a girl have any privacy?


  1. Nothing is sacred anymore, nothing! Yum, we love tomatoes too!

  2. Magic - those tomatoes sure look good :)

  3. Hi Magic - how rude posting a photo like that!! My mum has just got her little vegie seedlings and is waiting for the weather to get nicer before putting them in the garden. I help myself to little tomatoes too!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  4. Magic-
    Tomatoes ARE really yummy and good fur you too!

    Heehee, you sleep funny. Aren't you supposed to sleep in the bed?


  5. Ha ha, I love the picture with you falling of the bed that's hilarious!
    yuki and rocket

  6. oh my goodness, Magic, your photo really tickled me! I have presented you with 3 awards so if you have not received them before, please grab them from my blog! Have a great day!

  7. Tomatoes! Sounds yummy!

    I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Nora and I am a new follower, new puppy blogger AND new puppy! I go to my furever home on Sunday!

    Licks and Love,