Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dog of Courage 2011

This is a photo of my brother Kaska which some of you may have seen on an earlier blog of mine. This picture was taken when Kaska got his wheels to help him walk after a spinal injury. It was entered in a competition run on-line by the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre as a 'Virtual Dog Show' with many different categories. Kaska's picture and the story of how he has coped with his disability won him the Dog of Courage award and a rosette and shield:

His awards arrived in the post today!

There were many lovely photos of dogs in the competition and other heart-tugging tales of dogs of courage. If you would like to read Kaska's story - and see the others too they are on the website at:

He won category M. .and I did actually win a little rosette myself for coming second in the most appealing eyes category (K)...and there was a cute little schnauzer pup in the first category too. Schnauzers did well in this competition!

Here I am with my rosette. I did try to see if I could eat it but unfortunately not - that's why Leigh moved it out of the way of my mouth for the picture! An edible prize would have been welcome in my view. P.S. I have managed to qualify for Crufts after all at a Championship Show in Wetherby but there's talk of me having puppies next year - whispers going round that I'm not supposed to hear so I will have to wait and let you know when I find out if the rumours are true! Here's one more picture of my brother with his awards as today's blog is really for him:


  1. Oh wow, those are some very nice awards. Finn would agree, tasty awards would be better for them! Thanks for your comment today - maybe she isn't bored after all, some folks think it's just contentment.

  2. Kaska does deserve that award, he is so brave! I read the story about the spine. Is this something congenital or is there a way to prevent it from happening? I think Kaska still looks so adorable with those wheels!

  3. Kaska's spinal injury wasn't congenital. Any dog can get a prolapsed disc (like a slipped disc in humans) but if it is diagnosed quickly nowadays it can usually be sorted out with surgery. Sadly for Kaska when he first had the injury about 9 years ago the vets did not use MRI scans then and so didn't realise what had happened. Kaska seemed to get better but the discs were hardening and pressing gradually deeper into his spinal cord (there was and still is no pain) until it cut off messages from his brain to his legs which is what has caused his present problems. I always tell people to ask for an MRI scan if there is a similar problem with their dog - X-rays are not enough as they don't show this kind of damage. It breaks my heart to see him sometimes and remember how fit and active he was but he never feels sorry for himself even when he falls over he just gets up and carries on as if nothing happened :-)

  4. Yay - Go Kaska, Go kaska, Go Kaska.... we're dancing as we sing this of course.

    You are a hero Kaska, definitely one of ours, bet you could still give us a run for our money with those wheels, have you considered some go-faster stripes.

    Well done to magic too, on your award and your qualification, if we're at Crufts on utility day our hoooman will definitely be coming to find you, depends what day it is next year, that would be great though!!

    Love to all the gang, Dex and Lou xxx

  5. Hi Magic - that was a lovely award for Kaska, he really deserves it. I don't know why you don't win everything you enter.....still trying to get my head around that.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  6. Magic, congratulation for coming in Top 3 in Most Appealing Eyes! Can't deny that schnauzers have beautiful eyes...haha! And also for being "highly recommended"! There you are, that should crush your previous pessimism! Please pass my congratulations to Kaska - I am sad to read about his story and hope that one day he will be able to run without wheels...but he isn't doing too badly winning such a grand award!

  7. Wow your brother is a special guy, congratulations to him and to you well done, moms says she will be going to Crufts next year so we might get to meet up ;)
    Have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  8. What a story. We are a remarkable breed aren't we :)

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Hello and thank you for sharing beautiful story. Kaska tells us what's important to our life.
    Another big thank you for adding our bloggy to your last post. What a honour!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  10. Hi Magic!
    Wow, what a nice story and wonderful award!
    Say hello to your brother, kaska!

  11. Hi Guys, just dropping in to make sure you're okay, hopefully just busy as we miss you!, have a great week and 'see' you soon :-) Dex and Lou xxx