Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Favourite Blogs

I have been honoured by my blog friend Tooki with 3 lovely awards and although I haven't been able to fulfil all the demands that go with these I thought I would just make a mention here in thanks to Tooki and all the other blogs I follow for their inspiration and entertainment. They all make me smile and brighten the day whatever else has happened. Until I started blogging I did not realise just how many four legged friends and their humans were out there sharing their adventures and the ups and downs of their lives all over the world. So here are the ones I follow whenever I can:

Tooki - your blogs are so informative about life in Sabah and I love to read about your celebrations as well as your many furry friends!

Rubie - my mini schnauzer Australian friend - you always make me laugh over your adventures with your cousins and your comments on my blog! You cheer me up whatever has happened in the day - thank you!

George the lad - my Welsh Terrier blog friend has such interesting visits to steps throughout Britain ( and his flat brother has been right round the world!) He loves historic places as we do.

Momo and Pinot - the cutest cavaliers I have ever seen with their lovely family and sweet little brother. They always make me smile with their lovely photos.

Matilda the smart wirehaired dachshund in Japan who visits beautiful places with her family. Another interesting blog to follow.

Dex and Louis - my other schnauzer friends from the UK who have a good life in the West Country furtling in the woods and fields near their home. I enjoy their adventures at home and out and about!

Wyatt and his sister Stanzie in the US are 2 lovely Airedales with a blog that has recipes and information as well as the interesting exploits of the canine pair and their family. I always enjoy reading what they are up to.

Yuki and Rocket - such beautiful young schnauzers who have a blog with stunning photos of these 2 sweet dogs. Really cute!

Isaac - another schnauzer - well they are my favourite canine - blogs about his adventures in Ireland and has many profound comments on life in his blog from a schnauzer's point of view!

And 2 new friends I have found recently are:
Stewey - an amazing Pembroke corgi with a wardrobe that is AMAZING - a really cool dog with a wicked sense of humour :-)

Finn - a beautiful Golden Retriever in the US with an informative blog about her life and the challenges she sets her owners!


  1. Aw, thank you for recognizing us. We love reading your blog also!!

  2. Hi Magic, thankyou for your kind words - a lot of your fav blogs are my fav blogs too!

    I love my fellow mini schnauzers and especially those that are across the pond..... and my mum is so jealous of the historic places you get to visit - Australia is too "young" (in white settlement terms) and our oldest buildings are only a couple of hundred years old....and there is barely a castle in sight! She tells me when she visits Ireland and the UK she needs to be dragged back home kicking and screaming!!!

    Anyho, enough about HER, I think your blog rocks and love seeing all of you. Here we are only allowed to have two doggies per household (without getting special permits) so it's lovely to see a bursting household of furkids!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  3. Hey there, thanks for the mention! I haven't heard of many of the blogs you listed, so I think I'm going to go check them out! I always like to check in on your blog to see what all your pups are up to, and like rubie said above, I'm also jealous of all those gorgeous places you get to go for walks, you are very lucky. :)
    yuki and rocket

  4. Thanks Magic, you are a wonderful furiend. We Luvs your blog too :) Thank you for sharing with us, we will spread the joy!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  5. Thanks Magic that's real kind of you, sorry I'm late getting to comment, I came straght over when you left the comment on my blog, but blogger was playiing up and wouldn't let me comment at that time.
    Have a good week
    See yea George xxx