Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Summer Games

It seems to be Olympics everywhere at the moment - my peeps are shouting for Team GB every day and then crying when they win! They are very strange sometimes. Here in Yorkshire we are very proud too of our local athletes who have been doing so well in the peeps Olympics - cyclists, rowers, equestrians, runners and especially Jessica Ennis from Sheffield who is a heptathlete and competes in seven events to win her gold medal. This morning on the news they said that if Yorkshire was a country (not just an English county) we would be 11th in the medal table all on our own!

As you can see from the medal I have been honoured to pawticipate in the Blogville Olympics myself and looking forward to Extreme Weather Sports later this week. Thank you so much to all the hosts of these events - they have done such hard work to make them fun for us all. Equestrian was one of my most challenging events and here are some of the practice attempts - including one with a familiar blogging friend!

Not sure about this - somebody is messing about in a boat down there!

It's George! He thought he could race me in his speedboat.
Not on the grass George :-)

Is this better? I got there in the end.

Summer games are taking place in our garden too!
Here are Trilby and Aoife starting a game of bitey face in the sunshine.

We even found some frogs sunning themselves in the pond.

Trilby is doing her best to eat the new plants as they come up by the pond.

Then she puts on an innocent look even when she's covered in mud

"I could never be bad"

Looking forward to more summer games to come!


  1. That George....... Fancy thinking his boat could outdo your horse on grass! I loved the froggie.....mum and I found a little black one in our yard but we think it was sleeping - so we tucked it away where I couldn't play with him.....as if!!

    We are watching the peep Olympics too!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. Well done to Yorkshire and for your superb athletes!
    Now then, George didn't mention he tried to outrace you in a speedboat! You did supremely well in the equestrian event, very well done Magic! Hope the sun comes out again for more summer games in your garden..need more pics of the angelic Trilby :-)

  3. We saw that athlete on our news this morning, she did great! The Olympics are just so fun this year!

  4. Well done, Team GB. Personally, we're glad Yorkshire isn't a country because that would push us to 12th!!!! BOL!

    We're having so much fun with BOTH of the Olympics. And agree with you that the Blogville hosts are doing a wonderful job.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We have had huge frosts each morning!

  5. BOL, speedboat lol.
    Yes, well done to Yorkshire they are turning out some great athletes, bet most of your post boxes are Gold!
    Mom doesn't like games but is hooked on this Olympic's of course I'm loveing the BO's :)
    Hi cute girl Trilby don't eat frogs they don't taste nice! don't ask me how I know :)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  6. I agree, the Olympics are taing over, but its fun to see your take on the games, I just love to play bity-face with my Mini Shnauzer cousin Jasper, we go at it for ages! I think its funny thast you and George tried to race your hourse and his boat, thats fun! I guess you won??? BOL!
    I love your pond and the froggy, tell Trilby not to eat the nasty plants!
    Go Team GB!
    Love from your new follower and furiend Frank (the tank) xxxxxxx

  7. Whew! You sure have trained hard for those Olympics, Magic although I don't know what George was doing in that boat beside you while you were trying to train. lol! I think Trilby must just be trying to keep the weeds down by the pond or maybe just move some plants so she can see the froggy's better! Such a sweet innocent face. :)

  8. The summer games sure are pawsome!

  9. Trilby looks beautiful. I love her black little beardie. And i can't believe they put you on a horsey- such balancing act.

    We dropped by to say hi.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. Hi Magic!
    My dad and I also enjoy watching the Olympics around mid night in Japan.
    Your photos are so funny and cute!