Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Robin Hood's Bay

On Sunday we had a special day out to meet some of the peeps that Leigh knows through a schnauzer forum on the internet. They had arranged to meet at Robin Hood's Bay which is a little village by the sea in North Yorkshire. As not all the peeps knew each other we all met in the car park first.

This is me saying hello to a sweet little mini called Maisie.
And here is her handsome 'brother' Monty!
When we set off first we were walking along country lanes with cows and sheep in the fields on either side. We had to walk carefully as there were lots of peeps on bikes riding along too.

Here I'm trying to get Leigh to hurry up and stop taking photos. Trilby was so excited to meet all the other schnauzers she couldn't stop squeaking for about half an hour! Or maybe she could smell the sea.

It got very hot while we were walking and we had to stop for refreshment on the way. Maisie has a very smart travel bowl for her water but Monty thinks bowls are for girls - he drinks it straight from the bottle:

Well after quite a way even our peeps were getting tired and then they headed for a cafe called Boggle Hole! There were benches and tables and we could all have a rest:

These 3 boys all live together in Lincolnshire - Shadow, Reuben in the front and Bruce!
But we could see the sea from the cafe so we set off for the beach this time.
I didn't want to get my paws wet but Trilby was straight into the first bit of water she saw which is why we ended up like this:
Even Crybbe had sand on his paws:
There were lots of peeps and dogs and....donkeys on the beach for little peeps to ride:
But after a good run about on the sand we were ready to go home - so one last pose for the camera:

As you can see we decided to do alternate face forward and side on poses for this one :-)

and then home for a rest - I was so-o tired after that day but it was great fun!

Trilby doing her frog pose and me - snoozing!


  1. Meeting friends is such fun especially by the sea. We have a meet up at the weekend for our Airedale club in the west midlands. There is even mention of a BBQ!

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  2. What a fun fun outing!!! I bet you zonked out afterwards! Have a great day!

  3. Oh gosh, you guys looked funny with those wet fur booties. Is it me or were you unleashed,Magic?

    Dogs and Donkeys?!? Cool... it's nice that there are a lot of dog friendly sites in your contry.

    Huggies and Cheese,

    By the way, i stitched up timothy for old times sake. He'll make a good companyfor Buchi

    1. I was allowed off-lead for a bit as I'm always very good and don't run off but Leigh always worries about big bad dogs coming and attacking me if I'm not close by so it was back on-lead a bit later. Glad old Timothy is still around - hope Buchi likes him too :-)woofs and licks - Magic xx

  4. Oh what a fun day that looks... meeting new people and their dogs, country lanes and a walk on the beach and a dip in the sea...sounds just perfect!

  5. What a fab looking day out that was, we went to Robins Hood Bay a few years ago (with my dad, not dogs), it's a beautiful part of the country.
    Hope we get to meet you one day on a walk :)

    1. Yes - it would be such fun to meet Susie-Belle and Renae in the furs - maybe one day - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  6. What a fun and scenic outing!
    Love the donkey rides on the beach :)

  7. you guys are SO CUTE!! stevie drinks from the bottle too! hehe xxx

  8. That was a wonderful day out! All those schnauzers together just enjoying that water. Thanks for taking us scotties and the spotty along with you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Another awesome outing! You guys have some fun times! :)

  10. That looks like a wonderful day out with you schnauzer friends and how awesome was it that you got to go to the beach.

    From Milo & Jet