Friday, 12 July 2013

An Exciting Day!

Yesterday was my brother Crybbe's 6th birthday and he certainly had an exciting day! Our peeps decided to take us out early for a stroll through the woods and a good furtle in the undergrowth.

Leigh wanted to take a nice photo of Crybbe in the woods but he didn't want to pose and when she tried he put on his grumpiest scariest look like a wild forest monster :-)

Anyway on the way back home in the car we saw a balloon in the sky near our home:

Crybbe was soon up at the window to watch it :

 then it started to come down :-( 
so we drove on to see where it landed but...the road was blocked:

The balloon pilot must have missed his landing place.

Nobody was hurt except maybe the balloon but we couldn't go any further on the road and had to go back the way we came.

After all that excitement we were ready for a snooze but not much time for that as there were visitors coming. It was a friend of Leigh's from when she was at school many dog centuries ago. She came with her husband and all the peeps had a lovely tasty lunch in the sun on the patio - after us meeting and greeting them of course  :-)  And then...when the visitors had left, Crybbe was allowed to have a peep at his hamper:

and there were lots of doggy goodies there:

cherry barkwells and chicken biscuits

a selection of doggy sweets (NOT real chocolate of course!)

special chicken brew and a paw shaped doggy lolly

Well Crybbe wasn't long tucking into some of that HUGE dog biscuit:

And me, Aoife and Trilby begged for a share it looked so yummy. I could hardly wait:

and then I took my portion into the garden quick so no-one could try and steal it:

Crybbe finished off with a drink of his special brew:

And he even left us some to try too :-)

Thank you Crybbe for sharing your birthday goodies with us!

Crybbe's birthday smile - a bit scary BOL


  1. Well, it was HIS birthday. Who wants to have to pose for pictures when you're furtling?!!!

    What a fantastic day. And the presents were just what WE like.....FOOD!

    Happy Birthday, Crybbe!

  2. Happy 6th birthday buddy! Those are some excellent treats and a wild balloon ride you saw there too!!

  3. What a brilliantly exciting day. And that hamper looks amazing, would like one of those, do you know where it came from?

    1. Sorry for the late reply to your post! Couldn't find the details :-( But have just found them. The hamper was bought at the East of England Dog Show from a stall but the company are the Woofielicious Dog Bakery. They have a Facebook Page under that name :-)

  4. Happy birthday, Crybbe!! What a pawtastic day!! A great outing, goodies and peeps! We are glad you had a great time!

    Momo and Pinot

  5. What a great birthday you had Cybbe!!! Thank you so much for taking us along with you guys and letting us share in your special fun!!! So good!!!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes Crybbe.
    What an exciting day!

  7. Happy woofy birthday Cybbe! What a lucky doggie you were, all those thingies were really cool!
    Pippa :)

  8. Happy birthday, dear Crybbe. Six years... Wow, you're older than Buchi.

    I love the grumpy look. You do look like the adorable fluffy forest monster.