Sunday, 7 July 2013

Schnauzers in Lincoln

Hello friends - I'm back! Feeling much better after my operation and here to tell you about my trip to Lincoln with Trilby and my peeps. It was a lovely sunny day and not as hot as it is here today so just right for a wander round this old city.

Here we are posing in the gateway near the Cathedral

The Cathedral is HUGE and we weren't allowed in but Leigh had a wander round inside and saw the beautiful stained glass windows there

While she was inside me and Trilby had a wander round and saw the gargoyles leaping out from the roof

There is a statue in the grounds as well of the poet Lord Tennyson with his dog

Then we went for an explore down the old streets and looked at the shops. There are lots of old and interesting buildings there:

and lots of flowers and bunting and even a Tea Merchant:

After a long walk refreshments were needed and we checked out a few likely cafes with seats outside for peeps with dogs.

And we decided to stop at Carluccios where the kind lady brought out a bowl of water for us:

It was hard to settle down with all the nice food coming out even when Judith had laid her jacket down for us to lie on:

I could just taste it from the smell :-) We did get a little titbit eventually - the end to a very good day out!


  1. What a lovely day - and you two look beautiful!!


  2. Love the last photo.....'drop it...drop it..drop it' BOL!

    Thanks for taking us along, it's the only way we'll get to Lincoln.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Yes thanks for letting us go along with you!!! I have never been to Lincion~~~~~~~~~
    thanks for your visit!!

  4. Didn't realise Lincoln had that much good architecture, nice pics as always. :)

  5. Ahem... someone has googly eyes. Mom Judith, what is it you're holding that they're so engaged in.

    Glad to hear you're okay, Magic.

  6. Hey Magic ! I hope your feeling better ! I know exactly the feeling after the surgery.
    I have been 2 years ago.
    Those are lovely pictures strolling the cathedral.
    Last week we have hosted a "Giant Schnauzers "" 3 years old he is originally from the UK and living here in cambodia with their english parents. We have fun time having them for 7 days.
    I never know these breed are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

    Hugs all the way from myfurryplace