Friday, 9 August 2013

Bakewell Show

This is a picture of Trilby taken yesterday when we all visited Bakewell Show which is a big agricultural show with horses, cattle, poultry, rabbits and DOGS on show as well as lots of stalls for the peeps to spend their money. I have decided to give up on the showing now and just enjoy life and blog about our adventures but Trilby, Crybbe and Aoife all entered the show ring and they all got rosettes. Trilby had to be groomed and made smart beforehand and it was a very hot day so hard to stand still for ages but she did well:

After Trilby had been in the ring we had a good wander round to look at all the others. 
There were Old English Sheepdogs:

and greyhounds:

A calf getting lots of attention:

And lots of beautiful horses dressed to perfection with ribbons and shiny coats:

And there were lots of foodables around. 
There was even a cupboard full of herrings being kippered!

And when Judith had a wild boar sausage in a bun, we just had to beg for a little try:

Yum, yum - very tasty!

Then while we were wandering round looking at stalls who should we meet but another mini schnauzer!

He had a bright bandana and I'm sure he told me his name was Trigger:

But I thought he looked a bit of a Lone Ranger :-)

He was working on one of the stalls with his peeps though so we had to say goodbye as we were looking for more treats to buy.  Here in Bakewell there is a famous foodable called a Bakewell Tart and the original recipe is supposed to be a great secret but Judith and Leigh bought two little ones to take home for their tea. Here is a photo of it:

It has a buttery light pastry with a soft almond custard on a lovely jam base and is very tasty warm...or so I was told as we dogs did not get even a smidgen of Bakewell Tart to try!

Anyway we did have a lovely day out and here are the others posing with their rosettes from the show when we got back home:


  1. Great day out. We love the show....well, SHE loves the show, we're not allowed to go. Always great animals and things to look at.

    We've always heard of kippers, but thought it was a kind of herring...didn't know it was a process!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Well done to Trilby, Crybbe and Aoife on their wins.
    You just enjoy your retirement Magic, just like me :-)
    We've been to Bakewell once before it's a lovely town.
    We love Bakewell tart too mmmmmm :-)

  3. Great day!
    Beautiful animals, but the best are schnauzers :)

  4. Oh Boy, Oh Boy that Bakewell Agricultural Show looks like so much fun, look at all the other furiends you can meet and the cows and things too! That looks like a wonderful day, so much fun and is that a Bakewell tart too?? Yummy!
    Great day and congrats to Aoife, Trilby and Crybbe on winning those rosettes! Wahoo, well done!
    Loving all the Shnauzery fun going on there! Amazing day!
    Love and licks from your furiend Frnak xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Wow... you guys got ribbon? Boar sausage? Sounds interesting.

    I was wondering... I've always loved going to dog shows... Is it hard to have a good bred dog? Can you have a good bred dog from an unknown lineage? Just curious... because I want to join a dog show, but it means I will have to save up for an expensive pup with papers... and I was wondering if these are all necessary.

  6. If you go to a Companion Dog Show or a Fun Dog Show then there is no need to have an expensive dog with pedigree papers and you can enter all sorts of different classes at these and get certificates and rosettes.

    Here in the UK (I don't know about everywhere but probably the same) if you want to enter official pedigree dog shows you would need a dog with a pedigree of registered ancestors going back usually 5 generations. Here in the UK these dogs are registered with the Kennel Club and have a Kennel Club number and usually a Kennel Club registered name (including affix) which shows which breeder bred the pup. Our 'affix' is Darksprite so all the pups we bred have the name Darksprite in front of their registered name. Magic has Silversocks as her first registered name as she was bred by a different breeder.
    It depends how far you want to go with showing - if it is just a fun hobby you could just go for companion dog shows but if you want to go to the official events I think you will need to get a more expensive dog with a good pedigree - sorry :-( - Leigh x