Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cawood Craft Fair

This is me posing in a hay stack - not my favourite place as it was very prickly :-( but my peeps had decided to take me and Gracie to visit Cawood Craft Fair which is pretty much a regular for me now each year and on the way we passed through a field with hay piled around and Leigh thought that would be a good photo opportunity...NOT! Here are me and Gracie together:

You can see I'm looking a bit fed up!

Cawood is a very ancient village going back to the 10th century and you can read more about it here.

Anyway when we got into the main village there was plenty to see 
........from old steam engines:

and antique tractors: giant vegetables:

and a guitar player singing:

As usual there were plenty of foodables about and that brightened things up a bit :-)

Here I am trying to hypnotise Judith into dropping a piece of roast pork my way.

And Gracie trying out the same eye contact technique :-)

And then there were the scarecrows:

A rugby player

A scary Royal couple with their baby and dog (?)

and brave Gracie even posed by a giant dalek!

So we had a good day. It was very hot though and we walked and walked and by the time we got home little Gracie was so tired she just fell asleep with her head on Pooh Bear :-)


  1. Oh my - that is a scary royal couple ;o

  2. What a fun day.
    That broccoli is HUGE!
    Love the Royal couple, such good likenesses of their Highnesses!
    Hope and you and Gracie had some roast pork :-)

  3. Hope the roast pork look worked!! 'Specially after having to sit in prickly hay.

    A great day out. So much to see and sniff.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. LOL. Gracie looks pooped. By the way, I noticed your extra long "bangs". We don't have those kind of haystacks here in the Philippines.