Sunday, 27 July 2014

Family Reunion


Guess who has come to stay with us? Yes - it's my daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson :-) Here they are in the garden with Trilby in the middle. Their peeps are on holiday abroad and so Gracie and Wilson have come back for a holiday here :-)


And this is Wilson after his groom - the cute little teddy bear look was too hot for this scorching summer - now he looks so grown up :-)


And here is my sweet daughter Gracie after her cool clip. She has borrowed my rainbow collar while she is here with a tag for my peeps contact details. 


Little Wilson trying to shelter from the sun on the patio. Time to get the paddling pool out!


Not that I was going to get my paws wet. Only Trilby was tempted by some kibble in the water to get in :-) And Crybbe.....!


Well we are a lovely big family just now although little Pip was not too sure what had happened when they first came in and just sat and watched them - she is having bitey face games with Wilson now though :-)


        Not sure that Saoirse is too happy that the affenpinschers are outnumbered now BOL



  1. Looks like y'all are havin fun!

  2. Great pics, looks like you had a fun reunion!!

  3. Brilliant photos and what a lot of fun, so lovely and just how it should be :)

  4. LOL. True. There are so many of you guys. How does it feel to live with a lot of Schnauzers, Saoirse?

    Great Teddy Bear Cut, by the way.