Monday, 7 July 2014

Le Grand Depart


This year the Tour de France came to Yorkshire and there were lots of fun things to see around the region when the cyclists came to our county. Here are some photos taken by our roving reporter Minhaj who saw the teams as they set off from Leeds on Saturday.


                                                        Getting ready for the start 


                                                 Spare cycles in case of accidents :-)



                                             The Haribo sweet van and traffic police


                                                            The Bic pen scooter :-)

The winner of the whole race gets to wear the yellow jersey - and so did some of the statues in Leeds:


                                            And there were yellow bicycles everywhere!


                                                                   In shop windows


                                                                        Tied to railings


                                                                   On hotel balconies


                                                             And outside restaurants

Sadly there were so many thousands of people in Leeds that morning that me and Saoirse were too small to see the cyclists but we enjoyed walking round ( and getting carried) and seeing the sights.


     The telephone boxes were painted with the routes through Yorkshire in the colour of the jerseys.


                                   We met a policeman dressed as a yellow padlock!! 


                                      And I posed for a lady who wanted my photograph :-)

                                         It was a very exciting day and very yellow BOL


Good luck to all the cyclists taking part in the Tour de France and stay safe on the roads!

Special thank you to Minhaj our roving reporter who got the best photos of the cyclists for us :-)



  1. Those are great pics, you're all so lucky to have seen the tour! Eve says York is a lovely place. I (pippa) must visit one day!
    Have a super week,
    Pippa :)

  2. Wow. That's a lot of spare cycles. It must be amazing to have such a coordinated group of people going cross country.