Friday, 20 May 2011

Maisie & Zeta - Remembered with love

Well I am now registered on the Schnauzer Forum UK - becoming quite a cyber schnauzer! But when Leigh went to look at posts she ended up looking at Rainbow Bridge which was a BAD idea - she gets so upset thinking about those dogs and cats who have crossed over. It made her think about the 2 schnauzer sisters I didn't meet because they went to Rainbow Bridge before I came here. They were called Maisie & Zeta and here are some pictures:

This is Maisie - she was the very first dog Judith & Leigh had and she persuaded them that schnauzers were the best dogs anyone could have! She was a 'bit of a character' they said and could be very grumpy at times but she loved training classes and did very well at her Good Citizen tests too. She went over the Rainbow Bridge the very day I was born. Maisie was Kaska's aunt - it was her older sister who was Kaska's mother.

This is Zeta looking very suspicious - she was older than Maisie but she came to live with Judith & Leigh when she was 2 years old as she was rehomed with them. She was always very anxious about meeting new people and a bit of a barker! Leigh said she was a sweet natured schnauzer like me at heart and she loved nothing better than a warm lap to sit on and to be cuddled.

This is Zeta on the left with Kaska - they got on very well together and Kaska was very upset when Zeta passed away just before her 14th birthday.

Here is one more picture which is to make everyone smile and not be too sad. It was taken at the Northern Schnauzer Club Fun Day and is Maisie, Zeta and Kaska in their Fancy Dress as characters from the Wizard of Oz. Alfie Crybbe was Toto (so he didn't have to wear funny clothes)and Judith was Dorothy. I'm not sure they look as though they thought it was much of a Fun Day after all!!

Zeta - the Tin Dog, Kaska - the Lion, and Maisie - the Scarecrow.

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  1. Hi Magic!! So pleased you joined the forum, it's great to see more photo's of you. Our human doesn't read Rainbow Bridge unless she has a box of tissues handy too. It's lovely to see Zeta, Kaska and Maisie - they look like us when SHE put Santa outfits on us - really I ask you! Have a lovely week, Dex & Lou x
    PS We thought we'd mention some blog buddies this week and send some followers your way if that's okay xxx