Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Yorkshire Show at Harewood House

Today was the first day of the Yorkshire Show and we all had a day out at Harewood House.

 It was very windy and once it poured with rain but then it came out sunny again and we had a good time. Kaska was going to stay home as it's hard on his legs to go to big events with lots of walking but in the end he wanted to come so he got to ride in the pet stroller:

And Aoife said it was too much for her little legs so she got to ride in the pet shoulder bag!

Alfie Crybbe and me were the only dogs using their legs! Anyway we did get a chance to sit down when Judith & Leigh stopped for a snack:

There was lots to see at the show: ferret racing; gundogs; lots of stalls selling clothes and equipment and food and there were birds of prey doing flying displays:

...and men in tartan costumes playing bagpipes and banging on drums:

Judith said they were Highland pipers from Scotland and Kaska said he remembered seeing them when they used to go to Scotland for holidays before I was born. Alfie Crybbe should have known all about them as he comes from Scotland but he pretended not to know anything about it. There were even huge dogs pulling carts:

I think we should have hitched a ride in that one. Anyway we all had a great day and got to meet lots of people and of course everyone wanted to see Aoife because they think she's so cute:

I don't think they would think that if they saw what mischief she gets up to at home!


  1. What a brilliant day out! I'm so glad you could all go, Kaska looks so chilled in his stroller, we wouldn't mind one of those. You're very good to sit there so nicely with everything going on, our human said Louis would be singing to everyone the whole time :-) Dex & Lou x

  2. Glad to see you had a lovely day out.... and there was no trouble with those "birds of prey" - they look a bit evil to me! I'm glad you didn't have to pull any carts! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  3. Hi Magic, what a pawsome day to spend with your human in such a beautiful place! We wish if we were there....

    Thank you so much for your cute pawprint on our guestbook! :) :)

    Your friends,
    Momo & Pinot