Monday, 23 May 2011

Visiting friends in Newcastle

We have all been away up to Newcastle where Judith & Leigh used to live and we went visiting lots of people. Leigh's Mum was having a birthday tea out at a country restaurant so we called there first and met their two whippets, Millie & Becky:

They have been re-homed with Leigh's Mum and her friend as their owners could not manage their dogs any more. Poor Millie has not been very well but she is enjoying her new life near Whitley Bay.
Then when Leigh went off with her Mum for their birthday tea, Judith took us dogs to visit other friends. We had a good afternoon at one house where there is another miniature schnauzer called Jana. She is a lovely black mini:

We played some great games together in their garden. Kaska really cheered up because he remembered Jana from when he lived in Newcastle and her owners took their dogs to the same training classes he used to go to. Aoife thought it was good fun too as there were lots of bushes to hide under and then when she was tired there were feet to rest between:

Still the smallest kid on the block!


  1. Hi Magic, I just heard about your blog from Dex and Louis - I'm always delighted to find a fellow mini schnauzer blog!! Can't wait to read and learn all about you! Pleased to meet you.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  2. Hello Magic, you have a beautiful name! We got your bloggy address on Dexter and Louise's blog. Your blog is great and we can see your life is filled with happiness.... :) :) We'll come back again.

    Momo & Pinot

  3. Hi Magic and family! Glad you had such a good day, bet those Whippets can run, we have a sweet Whippet puppy at club. Aoife is sooooo sweet, we're sure he'd like to play with us :-) Dex & Lou x