Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - November

Leigh thought she might just make it for this month's photo scavenger hunt. She has been looking through old photos and thought some of them might just do for this one. Sadly I only feature in a few but we will have to make up for that another time!

This is a LUCKY CHARM keyring with lots of doggy features!

A POPPY growing in a crevice by the sea in Scotland - guarded by a young seagull!

SELF PORTRAIT - had to be me really as I'm the most photogenic :-)

COMFORT FOOD - Leigh's favourite chocolate!

Our garden MEMORIAL to family members who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge: Sheba (Leigh's cat); Maisie & Zeta (2 mini schnauzer sisters who passed over the Bridge before I came to live here). The lady who carves the memorial stones is working on one for my brother Kaska.

I'm just checking if there's anything left in Caoimhe's POLKA DOT bowl - no chance!

A SILHOUETTE of a horse made of crystals from an exhibition in Belsay Castle in Northumberland.

The PURPLE Man in York who rides his PURPLE Bike with a PURPLE Dog in the basket!

Back in York at the Food Market where the stalls all LIGHT UP to show off the food - yummy!

This is a joint work of art really by me and Caoimhe - a shoe sculpture MADE BY US !

This is an old photo of the STAIRCASE with Kaska at the top -  me in the middle - and Alfie Crybbe at the bottom

And a photo of me and Aoife when she was a little pup snuggling up on the rug by the cooker for WARMTH!


  1. Oh, I like all of that purple! Great collection of pictures!

  2. Very cool photos! That crystal horse is impressive!

  3. Hi Magic - do tell Leigh that she has done a great job with the PSH! It's fun isn't it! I loved the food stall, but not because of the lights!! That sculpture you made is just sssoooooo tre' chic!! I like snuggling for warmth too.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  4. Oh, I enjoyed those photos (nice shoe sculpture!) and think that is a sweet and lovely memorial...I missed the hunt this month because it was so difficult getting the dogs in the pic! Of course, they didn't have to be in it but I thought it would be a good challenge. Perhaps December....

  5. Nice pictures, Magic! The last one is our favorite :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie