Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Jump for the First Day of Spring

Hey it's me Caoimhe here again! I know everyone is excited about my big sister's pups but I thought we other canines here were getting left out of things a bit. Magic will be back in a couple of days to tell you her side of this whole puppy business but just for today - it's the first day of Spring so my peeps got out the mini agility poles and things for us to have a jump around while Magic looked after her little ones. As you will see we're just learning really but we all had fun:

Me jumping through the hoop and sniffing something interesting on the other side.

Coming through the long collapsed tunnel

Aoife coming through the hoop.

And over the jump

And Alfie Crybbe showing off because he thinks he can go faster than us girls

He even stuck his tongue out at us going through the hoop!!

Anyway we all had a good time in the sunshine - except my big sister. And now I've started feeling sorry for her as she can't do as much as us 'cos she's looking after the pups. Leigh sleeps downstairs beside the whelping box so that she can let Magic out in the garden if she needs to go in the night...and I think she's also been getting extra food when we're in bed! But you know poor Magic went overnight from being the fattest schnauzer in the village to being size zero - and definitely no super-model in looks :-( ! And just for those of you who are pining for more puppy pics here's a few from the last couple of days and Magic will be back soon to blog about it:

They said they were schnauzers but I think they're little rottweilers :-)

Magic loves them though - can you see the little one peeping out from under her back leg - I think he's got lost!


  1. Hey Caoimhe, it looks like you Aoife and Alfie Crybbe had a lot of fun in the sun doing jumps! I'm glad Magic and her babies are doing good. Tell your Momma thanks for the puppy fix. They are simply adorable! :)

  2. That looks like so much fun and good exercise! I'm sure you'll be involved with things once you get to start playing with the pups. That should be fun!

  3. Hi there, I loved seeing your new agility jumps. I used to do agility with my Cairn before Agility was even known. I may have to get my grandpup some jumps.
    Have a barkalicious day!
    Noreen & Reggie

  4. They DO look like little rotties!! Congrats, Magic!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. You all did great with the agility jumps! And, thanks for sharing the puppy pics - they are adorable!

  6. Happy Spring!! That looks like so much fun!!! Love the puppy pics!!

  7. The pups are adorable.

    You guys are great on that agility stuff. Looks like it was fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  8. It's good to see the exercise and fun in the sun. The pups will look more like schnauzers in a few weeks. When I first saw Rubie and her littermates, I watched them from 2 days old onwards..... it was so exciting when their little beards became evident!

    Rubie's mum xxx

  9. What a wonderful day out in the sun with agility ! I would love to get a mini set like that for Zeus too but don't know where to get one =( Magic is a great mom and can't wait to see more of the pups!

  10. Oh, so many good things happening over yr side! First, congratulations to Magic and her little *rottweilers*, they look so fragile and small and poor Magic must be very tired looking after her pups. Those spring photos are delightful and your performance is excellent! Caoimhe have grown so much I almost mistook her for Magic....^_^

  11. I couldn't believe I missed the post on Magic's mommy celebration. I'm actually guilty of reading it either way. They look so precious and I just love looking a puppy pictures and successful birth because it's so wonderful to know that all is well.

    Aoife, Caoimhe and Alfie are doing well in the agility. It seems that they're up and ready to join the next competitions.

    Anyway, congratulations Moms. I wish you all the best with them little rottweilers.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  12. All of that running around looks so fun. I wish I had an agility set in my back yard.
    Magic's puppies are adorable. I don't know how your parents can tell them apart though. They look the same to me. BOL

  13. How fun to play in the garden! You are all great high flyers.

    Nubbin wiggles,