Monday, 21 May 2012

A Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend! Judith had taken Caoimhe and Aoife up to Scottish Kennel Club Championship show in Edinburgh and so I stayed here to look after Trilby and Merlin. They are always getting up to mischief and Leigh just can't watch them all the time. They look quite sweet here but they can be wicked!

Anyway while the others were away some peeps came to meet me and Merlin. They live up in Northumberland and they would like my little Merlin to go and live with them when he's had all his vaccinations and things. They stayed and talked to Leigh and held Merlin and they all seemed to get on very well. It is hard because I love my little pups but I know they will have such fun with their new peeps and they probably don't want to be living with their Mum for the rest of their lives.

Of course my little Trilby will stay and she is already sweet talking Leigh into believing she is the cutest schnauzer there ever was looking at her with those cute expressions. You can see Merlin is not impressed:

They were pleased to see Caoimhe and Aoife back yesterday though and we had a bit of schnauzer bonding in the pink bed:

And if you were wondering how my sisters did at the show it's probably best not to ask :-( Aoife decided she did not trust the judge and gave her an evil sideways glance when she tried to check her out so the judge didn't give her anything. Caoimhe did her best but it wasn't her day. She got Reserve which is 4th and here she is with her rosette and card:

Well I'll try and get Leigh to put up my posts more often. The pups are taking up a lot of time just now so she can't get to use the computer so much :-(


  1. Hey Magic - it must be a full on job looking after those pups..... but Merlin might soon go huh?? Still, you have done a smashing job bringing them all up, and they have mastered the schnauzer snuggle really well! Very soon dad dad and mum are abandoning me again - they are going on a house boat river thingy....but uncie Scarlet and Zoe and I have plans of our own ..... we are going away to a holiday house by the beach! The weather is not going to be too good though.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  2. Thanks for the update! Don't worry about getting to the computer - we understand that the puppies take up alot of time :)

  3. I'm sure that looking after puppies must be a full time job!
    Awww - getting a rosette is good, better than nothing for the evil sideways glance :-)

  4. Magic, it's got to be hard letting your babies go but at leat you will always have Trilby with you! For Aoife and Caoimhe, they still did a good job. I love to see you all snuggling when they got home! I hope Melin will be happy when he goes to his new home. :)

  5. Aww, Magic you're such a lovely mummy. Sorry we didn't get to meet you when we 'came north' at the weekend for the great big schnauzer weekend in Dovedale. Maybe next year you'll persuade Leigh & Judith to bring you all so we can meet up, Susie-Belle & you can swap mummy-tales. Xxx

  6. Lol..that sure sounds like a VERY busy weekend! Oh-oh another puppy leaving...:(