Monday, 7 May 2012

MyDog UK Review

Just for a change from the puppy posts Leigh is helping me do a review this time to let my UK bloggy friends know about a new app for peeps who have 'smart' phones. It is called mydog UK and it is FREE! The UK Kennel Club have been involved in creating it and it has lots of helpful advice and information such as:

Dog friendly places to eat out

Dog friendly attractions

There are lists of locations of parks, beaches, hotels and other places where us dogs are welcome all with the distance from where you live or where you're staying.

It has a section for your peeps to put all the important information about us dogs and you can have your picture there as well :-)

There are sections about dog care and dog training and first aid tips for peeps to know what to do if one of us K9s is injured.

And it lists useful contacts such as dog walkers, breeders, vets etc near where you live and..guess what - Leigh found us already listed - Darksprite 0 miles away !!

AND a special feature on mydog UK is a Petlog service which is in case any of us dogs get lost and our peeps are searching for us. If you are microchipped and registered with Petlog you can use the special Lost Pet Alert. If your peeps carry their mobile with them on walks they can let Petlog know straight away and they will send out an alert to all registered places like vets and dog rescues etc within 30 miles of where your dog went missing to give them all your details.

It's a fun app to use and there's lots more on it so if you are in the UK and your peeps have one of these 'smart' phones tell them to check out this free app - even if they just want it to put all your details and photos on :-)They can record all things like any medication you have to have; when you need (bleugh) worming and vaccinations; any allergies you have - microchip number/tattoo etc.

Well I'll be back later in the week to let you know how things are going with finding new homes for my pups - or some of them anyway..see you soon!


  1. Hi! Just over visiting from George and Tess.....There's a whole lot of puppy cuteness going on here :-)

  2. That's definitely a good app! I wonder if they have them for elsewhere in the world? Worth me looking into! Happy Monday!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful app! Great review!

  4. Great review! That sounds like a wonderful app for your smart phone! Thanks for throwing in the puppies in a basket! Awwwwe!

  5. Great idea for helping all us dog people stay on top of things. What will they think of next?

  6. Hi Magic,
    It's a great idea but I don't have one of those smart phones!
    I love checking out your puppies...adorable xx

  7. Great information, Magic. We don't have something like that here. It would be pretty useful if we had such here. Of course, we hardly have micro-chipping services here either.

    Great job, UK Kennel Club.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. It's really great to see how much dogs are cared for in yr country, such a far cry from way dogs are treated here. Your parcel arrived yesterday and there certainly was a LOT of excitement over it! Coco refused to let Wawa touch it and when he finally got it, he was beside himself making that hedgehog squeak again and again! We thank you so very much for your gift and thoughtfulness....:)

  9. I wish we had dog friendly places to take our dog to!!! You are lucky. I saw your comment on Rotteov.... blog and though I was come over and say HI!!!