Friday, 25 May 2012

Hot Summer Days

Hello - Magic here - just taking some time out from bonding with my boy to show you some photos of my pups enjoying the sun:

Trilby snoozing with her teddy bear on the sunny mat

and joining Merlin in the sunniest spot by the door.

And here are the two of them hiding from Crybbe who can get a bit grumpy with the babies!

He's sitting by the pond and pretending he can't see them :-)

We all hope these sunny days will last as there are plans afoot for outings soon!


  1. Hi Magic,
    Nice to see your pups and the sun:-)
    Merlin is lied on the very same mat that we have in our conservatory and Annie lies on. I'm going to call it our sunny mat from now.
    I hope it stays nice for your outings.

    Love Eileen and Annie xx

  2. Oh that is lovely :-) The turtle mats are so good - we started out with just one but have lots now in different designs. They are so useful for soaking up wet doggy pawprints! Have a great weekend Leigh & Magic xx

  3. The pictures of your babies in the sun are adorable! They are the sweetest puppies ever! I love the picture of Trilby with her teddy bear!

  4. Hey Magic. Is it just me or are your puppies darker in color than you are? Will their color lighten when they grow old?

    By the way, Timothy the Natural Turtle is Chooey's favorite toy.^^

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. Two of Magic's pups (Merlin & Otto) were actually born black & silver. The gene for this colour had come through somehow from both sides of the mating although the sire and Magic are both pepper & salt. The other 2 pups Trilby & Smudge are pepper & salt but at this early stage before their adult coat comes through they are darker in colour than their Mum but it will change as they age and their coats are stripped. :-)

  5. Magic,
    Your pups are so cute. Those adorable faces! You did good, MOM!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  6. Oh, I love the "hiding" pic - so cute :)

  7. Very sweet pictures, love the one of the pups hiding! Renae & Susie-Belle are not adjusting to this sudden heat wave very well, I took them off to the river this morning, but they refused to cool off, stayed on the bank barking at me whilst I swam, the silly girls. Ah well, a whole summer of river swimming and I might get them in for a dip one-day. Happy Sunday Magic & pups xx

  8. Hi Magic - we loved those pictures..... glad you are warm over there because we are chilly here!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  9. Its been unbearably hot here too, looks like the pups are having a blast in the sunshine though.