Friday, 18 January 2013

It's getting colder..!

This was the view down our garden yesterday morning - it is so-o cold everything is spiky with frost.

This cat on the garden ornament looks a bit scary :-)

Satin and Lace, our cats, are staying in all day lying on the back of the sofa toasting their toes against the radiator. But Trilby loves the snow and doesn't mind the cold but she has to wear her winter jumper when she goes out to play.

She likes to run out in the garden with a toy and then leave it in case she wants it another day. This was her latest poor toy out in the snow!

Of course Aoife tries to get outside quick before she gets a jumper on:

Here she is hiding to jump on Trilby :-)
Well more snow is supposed to be coming here this weekend - maybe we should hibernate...


  1. Trilby's jumper is very posh. She is very excited by this new white stuff in your garden :-)
    The spiky, scary cat made me laugh!
    Magic, guess what I bought yesterday...Scotty dog biscuits from the Edinburgh Wool shop. Annie and I are going to share one now with a warm drink.
    We have a few snowflakes falling but it's not sticking yet. It must be colder where you live!
    Stay warm and take care x

  2. We're glad Trilby's wearing that jumper because we think she'd blend in with the scenery without it!

    Love that cat ornament!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Trilby looks really good in her jumper, its good she stays nice and warm, Aoife looks like she is having fun in the snow too, no need for a jumper with that long furs!
    We had loads of snow here today (photos will be on my blog next week) Mum and Dad took me on a walk down the lake and everywhere was white! I love the snow especially when Mum and Dad have a snow day and get to stay home from work to play with me all day!
    Stay warm and maybe hibernating is a good idea?
    Licks, hugs, tummy rubs, love from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxx