Friday, 11 January 2013

Snowdrops & Scottie Dogs

It has been quite cold and wet here in Yorkshire for weeks really and now they say it is going to snow! But today the garden plants thought it might be Spring. The snowdrops are coming up in the border:

and the witch hazel has come out in blossom:

We had a good explore of the garden for other flowers - Trilby checked the vegetable plot:

but nothing there yet...Crybbe just sat all wise like a little black owl - 'I could have told you that'

Well - just checking...

so we all went back in and found Leigh having coffee and biscuits - and what biscuits! They were Scottie Dog biscuits!!

I thought they might have been biscuits for Scottie dogs and was about to ask what happened to the schnauzer biscuits when Leigh said they were biscuits for peeps just shaped like Scotties!! 

I have never actually met a Scottie dog in the furs as they are not very common round here but I have some Scottie friends in Blogville who live in Australia. I am hoping they are all OK as I saw on TV there were terrible fires in the hot weather out there. We're thinking of all the Australian peeps and their dogs - Scotties, schnauzers and all the others too.

Hugs from me and Trilby and hope you are keeping safe :-)


  1. Hello Magic
    How funny that your plants are already thinking it's spring over where you live and the biscuits looked very cool it's a shame they are for humans only as where sure they taste delicious. We been very lucky with the fires so far this summer although we had small grass fire near to where live a few days ago it was a the base of the you yang and the fire people put it out before it could hurt anybody.
    From Milo & Jet

  2. Hi Magic!
    I can't believe that the planets in your garden are so confused and they say that snow is on the way soon!
    I just love the photo of Crybbe looking all owl-like and so furry and cute!
    Trilby has the most beautiful rear end too, peering over the vegetable patch gate! As you know Mum just loves Shnauzers because of my Cousin Jasper, she loves coming to your blog!
    Those Scotty biscuits looks really nice, I would have had to try one just to make sure they were not biscuits for Scotty dogs!! BOL!
    I hope all our Aussie Furiends are ok too, my Furiend Rubie the Shnauzer is there!
    I'm really enjoing all your adventures both big (to see the peacock and beautiful statue) and the small ones (like today around your garden) they all make me smile!

    Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  3. Hi Magic,
    No snow here yet though it has been forecast. We live on the coast in the shadow of the mountains, so when we get snow it is bad everywhere. The bushfires in Australia look terrifying.

    I've never seen those Scotty dog biscuits before, aren't they brilliant! I'll look out for them and I'm sure Annie will help me eat them. Didn't you get just a tiny, little taste? :-)

    1. The Scottie Dog biscuits are delicious - and we did all get a little morsel actually :-) Magic xx

  4. You guys had some warm temps before the snow too I see. Trilby sure is getting big, she's almost as big as you Magic! Those Scottie biscuits are pretty cool. :)