Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banana Joe - Monkey King of the Jungle

Aoife and Crybbe were so excited today when they heard that Banana Joe the affenpinscher won Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show in the USA. As you can see from this magazine photo, affenpinschers are very highly groomed in the USA - not so much here in the UK though.

Aoife wanted to send a special message because her great great grandfather is Banana Joe's father :-) so she is even more proud to have a family connection to such a fine dog!

OK Aoife - we get the message - Congratulations to all at Team Joey. 

We are looking forward to Crufts now here and our little family will be going to strut their stuff on the green carpet. Don't expect great achievements from any of us but it will be a fun day.More to come on that in future posts!

PeeS. The stray hen was re-claimed yesterday evening by someone down our street. She is named Emily and was a stray hen when they found her wandering in a car park. I think she is a bit of a professional escape artist :-)


  1. Oh Aoife, we know how proud you are! When Sadie (the scottie) won BIS a couple of years ago, we were proud and we're no relation.

    He's a beautiful boy.

    Sounds like that little hen just wants to see the world.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella &Roxy

  2. You're going to Crufts? How cool! Be sure to tell us all about it.

    Critter Alley

  3. We knew youd be pleased when we heard the affen had won......youre the only people we know with these gorgeous dogs. We prefer the ungroomed look by the way xx