Monday, 18 February 2013

Visit to Fountains Abbey

Hello bloggy friends - Trilby here :-) I had a trip out with my brother Crybbe at the weekend to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens. Crybbe has been before and but it was my first visit and so I've got a blog post all to myself to tell you about it!

Here we are setting off - me posing nicely for the camera and Crybbe more interested in rabbit pellets :-(

There is a stream flowing past the Abbey and an old mill there too. It is very fine to look at even though it's ruined. And it is e-normous!

You can see how tiny me and Judith look through the window arch. One of the windows had an angel carved above it:

After wandering round the ruins we set off for the Water Gardens.

This is view of the Abbey from the path towards the Water Gardens. Fountains Abbey was built in the 12th century (900 years ago!) It is owned by the National Trust and English Heritage now.

This is one of the ornamental lakes.

Here we are crossing the little stone path across the waterfall. It was quite scary as the water was rushing very fast.

Across the bridge there was a cafe so we all stopped for a bite to eat :-) There were quite a lot of peeps out with their dogs there as it is quite a dog friendly place to visit.

A sad looking border terrier puppy waiting for his peeps to come back.

Me smiling for the camera - and Crybbe looking grumpy!

On the way back we saw this lovely swan looking for food in one of the lakes.

As it's still cold and only early Spring here there weren't many pretty flowers but there were lots of snowdrops.Then after that good walk it was back in the car for the journey home but..on the road through the city of Ripon we saw 2 goats walking along a wall!

It was such a lovely day they must have decided to have a trip to town :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post - Magic will be back soon with her big news!


  1. That looks to be a awesome adventure you went on all the old buildings look lovely. The swan was lovely and we bet you has a great time stoping at the cafe.
    From Milo & Jet

  2. What a beautiful place for a Sunday walk! And your photos were grogeous!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  3. Those goats had better look out for walls have Trolls?

    That was a beautiful walk. Thanks for taking us with you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. That was a lovely outing!!!!
    You know I have always had dogs with short hair b/c we live in the south of the USA and it gets really very hot in the summers!!! But I love your faces!!!! Very interesting!!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  5. Hello new friends! We found you from George and Tess and will be thrilled to keep up with your adventures! Just followed your blog and added you to our blogrole:-)
    Great photos!

  6. Hello new friends, we came over from George & Tess blog. We are so 'into' Abbey's right now in the US because of Downton Abbey TV show!

    Lovely pictures.

    1. Good to meet you guys - my peeps love Downton Abbey too :-) Glad you liked the photos xx

  7. Hi, I came across from George and Tess too. I've never visited your page before but you are a real pro ... a bit of photography, history and humour. Top quality shot with the Abbey reflection I must say I certainly would have put the goat shot in the post if it was my post, great idea.

    (Unfortunately the last time I was in the area, I was testing out a walk with a friend for one of his two walking groups, we went right around the outside and into Ripon & only past the big round lake on the way back to the car. I would love to repeat the visit by paying to go in !!)

    1. Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your kind comments too :-)