Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Stray Hen

This is me looking puzzled - we have a mystery. Yesterday we had 2 new hens in our garden - Leigh thought they had come in from our neighbours who also have a little flock of hens so she caught them and gave them back......BUT today one had returned. The neighbour said that one wasn't theirs so ..where has this hen come from?

Leigh managed to catch the hen and put it into one of our crates - while it was in the hall, Crybbe and Aoife came to say hello.

First Crybbe.....

then Aoife.

Crybbe trying not to scare the hen...

and Aoife trying the same.

But Leigh thought it would be too hot in the house for an outdoor bird so she moved the crate outside into the garden and put some hen food and some water in for her and a cover on top so she wouldn't get too cold.

Aoife came to check out the new visitor again.

And Crybbe decided to keep guard.

Crybbe has always liked hens, here he is a few years back with Darcey Bussell:

If we can't find out who owns her we might have to keep her but Leigh doesn't think our hens will be very welcoming to an unexpected visitor. They are not fond of strangers :-( I will let you know what happens to her in my next post.


  1. A hen would be gambleing with her life coming into our yard...Glad you guys are so polite!!

    -Bart, Ruby and OTTO

  2. How strange....a mystery hen.

    Does Darcey dance?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. That is kind of neat having a hen just come to visit or maybe she wants to come live with you ???? I think it is neat!!! I would like one to come and stay with us!!
    Thanks for your visit!! It has been a long time since we have visited.
    I lost my dog last September and as you saw now only have 3 cats. I am getting too old for dogs now so I'll have to be happy with cats and outside critters!!!! LOL
    Don't be a stranger!!!