Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Caring for Your Dog - Activities at Crufts

Today I will tell you a bit more about the many things that can be seen at Crufts. There is something for everyone - whether you like shopping (of course :-)) watching dog athletes or canine show offs, trying out new doggy treats and food (yes, yes:-)) and even seeing doggies dancing. Heelwork to Music is a very popular event now at Crufts though it's really not my sort of thing! Anyway most importantly there is also the chance to see and learn about all the different kinds of dog there are in the world. Especially if your peeps are thinking of adding a new canine member to the family they can get to meet the dogs and their owners and understand just what they need to know about caring for their pet.

Some dogs may start very small but they grow HUGE and need lots of exercise, others like to work for a living herding sheep and if they can't do that they will need lots of challenges to keep them occupied and lots of exercise to keep them fit. Others, like me, don't mind exercise and training but best of all we want peeps to be our best friends, cuddle us and take us on holiday with them and let us snooze on the sofa or on their lap.

This is one of the big ones!! - A Komondor 

Another large dog - An English Setter

And a cute small Sealyham

 Discover Dogs at Crufts has all sorts of dogs to see and meet - I've even heard that our good bloggy friends George & Tess will be there to tell peeps about the joys of owning a Welsh Terrier :-)

And the stand I am interested in (and Trilby & Crybbe are planning on visiting with Judith on Friday) is the CARE Home stand run by Samsung. It sounds just the thing after a tiring day in the show ring or walking round the shop stalls. What they have told my peeps is that dogs and their owners can come and chill out in the 'dog healing' space where they will play relaxing videos and soothing music and you can enjoy the calmness together. They also have fun areas for peeps and their children to explore and a quiz to test their knowledge of us dogs as well. Anyway I will be back to blog again soon but for the next few days I will delegate blog posts to my peeps as they are going to be at Crufts on Thursday and Friday. I'm off for a well-earned nap now and dreaming of healing spaces with soft music and soothing videos :-)

To find out more about Crufts just click here



  1. We are going to stop by and say hello to George and Tess on Saturday.
    There is so much to see and watch, and you could shop till you drop! It's a fabulous day. The CARE Home stand sounds like a great idea after a long and tiring day for dogs and the two-legged!
    Sweet dreams Magic :-)

  2. SHE needs to put that on HER bucket list!

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    SHE's always wanted a Sealyham.

  3. Hope everyone enjoys their time at Crufts, especially that lovely sounding zone, don't think we'd be moving far from that if we were going!