Monday, 4 March 2013

Fun for All at Crufts

Do you remember last Spring? This was me 10 days after my puppies were born showing Aoife I could still do the long jump! Not now with my ever increasing waistline but maybe in a few months. Anyway this week Crufts begins on Thursday and one of the events that is happening every day of the show is Agility - the professionals :-)

This dog is showing how good he is at the weave poles. (Photo courtesy of the Kennel Club) The agility dogs go VERY fast round a set of jumps, poles, tunnels and other obstacles - and if you like to see dogs going even faster, check out Flyball - it is pawsome! You can find out more about agility at Crufts 2013 by clicking here. Lots more to tell you about over the next few days including the wonderful Samsung 'Care Home' stand at Crufts - and it's not just for elderly dogs :-)


  1. What a completely awesome event! Can't wait to read more about it all this week!

  2. We think you might have a little more trouble doing the long jump now...BOL!

    Wish we could get some of Crufts on television. We usually only get the Best in Show on the news.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. i love that picture of you jumping!! i would love for yuki and rocket to get into agility.

  4. Wow Magic, looks like you soon got your waistline back after having your puppies last time :-)
    I love watching agility and flyball. Can't wait :-)