Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Walk by the Canal


Cold and windy today but I had a good stroll along by Selby canal with Mabel and Kaspar who have come to stay with us while their peeps are abroad. Mabel is my daughter and Kaspar is my grandson :-) 


Here we are by some sculptures on the canal bank. Me in front and Mabel in the middle.


This is my grandson Kaspar - he is part way through being hand stripped so looks a bit bald on his back BOL but he is a handsome boy and will look smart when his coat comes through.


                                                  Me by one of those sculptures.


                                                Waiting for the others to catch up :-)


                                          A little yellowhammer in one of the bushes.


                                                   An otter swimming in the canal :-)


                                          We had a lovely walk even though it was cold.


                                   And then home for a snooze with my daughter Trilby :-)


                                                          Kaspar was quite tired too!



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