Friday, 11 March 2016

Crufts Report Day One


This is me at Crufts dog show checking out all the sights and sounds. It was a very busy day as Judith was taking Frankie the affenpinscher into the show ring as well as coming with me to sample the food stalls and meet and greet peeps and their dogs.


             This is the Miniature Schnauzer Club stall with lots of things for schnauzer lovers :-)


This was where I met Alfie another miniature schnauzer who had been meeting people in Discover Dogs all day.


This is Frankie who is our Frida's brother. He was born in our home but he lives with my daughter Gracie and grandson Wilson now in York. Frankie went in the show ring but he did not get a rosette this time. He walked very well though and we are all very proud of him :-)


              Back to other sights at Crufts though :-) and we watched the Guide Dog demonstration:


                                                   And stalls selling schnauzer drinks BOL


                         And the stall selling towels to dry dogs when they have been swimming. 
                                                      No chance I will need one of those!


There was a good stall called "fetch" with lots of different doggy items and they kindly gave me some very tasty fish treats to take home :-)


And then I met some old friends who visited us a few years ago when they first set up their new pet food company called Pure Pet Food. They are from Yorkshire and use all good ingredients in their food for dogs - chicken and other meat and vegetables - nom nom


And even more interesting - they do tasty biscuits for dogs too and Judith bought some to take home as well:


Well it was a long and busy day but I enjoyed every minute. Tomorrow Crybbe is going to have his chance to be a roving reporter and I will post his pictures too.


                                                                 Another tired dog on the day!



  1. What a pawfect day! Many many doggies, happy humans and yummy stuff! We'd love to try Tonic for doggies!

    Momo & Pinot xo