Monday, 21 March 2016

Lotherton Hall Gardens with the Pups


This is Lotherton Hall which used to be a family home for some rich peeps many years ago but now it is used for exhibitions and anyone can visit to enjoy the gardens and dogs welcome too :-)


There are deer in the fields beside the gardens and they were interested in seeing my great grand-pups in their pink buggy BOL


                        The pups really wanted to get out and run but they are too young still.


                  But Crybbe and me enjoyed a bit of exercise and a stroll among the flowers.




                     There are lots of daffodils flowering now and they are bright and golden in the sun


After a good walk around the gardens we went to the courtyard cafe for the peeps to enjoy coffee and cake.


                                          The puppies hoped they would get a bit of cake too.

         And while we were all sitting enjoying the sun, a little Robin came and started singing :-)



                    Judith took one of the puppies to see the RSPB stall and meet the man there:


                         And by the time we left the puppies had enjoyed lots of new experiences.



                                    And me and Crybbe had enjoyed a good Spring day outing :-)