Saturday, 12 March 2011

Building work progress?

Suddenly just when we had got used to the concrete launch pad outside the back door more workmen came with scaffolding and put windows all round!

Here's me and Alfie trying to work out if they've forgotten the door.

Then Alfie worked out they had put it on the side just to confuse us...well it's certainly upset the cats as Satin and Lace don't want to come in or out through this strange room - they don't trust it one bit.

Judith & Leigh seem to like it so I suppose it's OK. We still get a good view down the garden.
Anyway Alfie Crybbe is off to Crufts today with Judith. He is going in the show ring tomorrow and we are all hoping he gets a place. Kaska was the very first minature schnauzer dog to get a First place in the Kennel Club Good Citizen class at Crufts when he was there seven years ago so Alfie has a lot to live up to. We'll have to wait and see.

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  1. Looks lovely - hope to see it soon :)

    S & M & M & D