Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hens and Hellebores

Here is a picture of a blue tit - we have at least two visiting our garden now. The birds are having to keep a look-out though because there's a female sparrowhawk who has her eye on them right now. She has come to the garden in the winter and taken a goldfinch and a starling. Leigh & Judith say she has to eat too so we let her be - I hope she doesn't get the little blue tit though.

And, there was a little drama the other day when one of the hens from next door jumped over the hedge into our vegetable plot. Luckily Leigh was down the garden putting flagstones round the raised beds and saw the hen pecking the leaves off the rhubarb. She thought she had a really fun playground in our plot - raised beds to kick about in, rhubarb and raspberry leaves to peck.. until Leigh grabbed her and put her in a dog crate. That was the end of her fun and games..but Leigh did give her chicken treats and grass and water until her owner came back - just hope she doesn't think it was worth trying again. Our hens were not amused either and Alfie Crybbe spent the whole time guarding her cage in case she had any thoughts of getting out again.
Anyway there wasn't too much damage as nothing much is growing there yet. The flowers are beginning to come out though - there are primroses and crocuses in the front and pink heather, and at the back there is a lovely clump of purple hellebores:

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