Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Good Citizen Award!

Well I have now got my Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Bronze Award. It was hard work last night because some of the others being tested wanted to try and put me off by jumping on me when I was having to stay still as a statue but I did it! Alfie wants to get his silver award now as he's not too happy that I got my Bronze already. Here's a picture of me snoozing with my rosette:

Now it is lovely and sunny we can play outside a lot more. Alfie and me have to keep an eye on the cats though as they can get up to all sorts of mischief - not like us! Here is Alfie watching Satin who's pretending not to care.

I think we are getting more men to do work in the conservatory so I will watch out for what they do. Saw a peacock butterfly in the garden but it fluttered away too quickly for Leigh to get a picture so here is a picture of the tiny daffodils in the border instead!::

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