Monday, 28 March 2011

Eggs and Geckos

Lots of activity in the garden now. The birds are building nests and having chicks. The blackbirds are collecting twigs and the collared doves have already got a chick - at least we found a discarded egg shell in the plants on the patio:

Judith & Leigh are busy trying to make the conservatory look better. Judith has been painting the big wall and packs of floor tiles and bags of cement stuff have turned up in the conservatory. The cats still don't like it. Satin wants to go out the front door now so she doesn't have to go  through the new room but it looks as if it will be good when it's finished. And look - some geckos have appeared on the garage wall !

Leigh has been planting flowers in pots as well and they are really pretty:

And the blossom is just coming out on the apricot bush:

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  1. What no pictures of Magic or anybody else? Sigh.

    Wait, are those real geckos? I hope not.

    Oh well, be back another day for some random post I'll visit.

    Huggies and Cheese,