Friday, 5 August 2011

Bitey Face Pics and more!

Hi - it's Caoimhe here again. After reading Rubie's comment I thought I'd sneak a few bitey face pics in as well as a couple more before Magic gets back to blogging.  Bitey face is of course my favourite game to play but Alfie & Kaska won't let me get near them being kind of old grumpy boys. I do like to hang off Magic's beard when I get the chance but I keep getting into trouble for that so Aoife and I are the ones who play most:

I think I got Aoife's ear there!

Anyway just to round off quick, here's a calmer picture of Aoife and me with Satin the cat making a mystic circle on the patio:

And me trying to copy Magic's favourite pose:

Hope to catch up with you all again soon - Caoimhe.


  1. Good game Caoimhe... And impressive beard too... I'm going away now to practice the look you had on your face in the first picture. I could use that to my advantage!!

  2. Awww - great to see you letting your furs down and gettin' into some good ol' fashioned bitey face!!! Shame the OTHERS don't want to get involved!! Thank goodness for Aoife!! You and she look about the same size now.

    I also am impressed with your mystic circle and lettin' the cat play too!

    tail Wuggles, Rubie.