Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kaska's 11th Birthday

Yesterday was my big brother Kaska's 11th birthday so I am going to put some pictures just of him on today. He can be grumpy at times but he is my brother and will come to try and help if he thinks I need protecting in the garden even if his back legs don't work very well and he does fall over sometimes.

This is Kaska on the bed upstairs - he's allowed to sleep there during the day. He knows something's up because he's had his bandanna put on!

 Out in the garden for a stroll and some fresh air and then indoors for a present. A long-legged squeaky elephant toy!

Caoimhe thinks she'll help him enjoy a tug of war:

And then - the best part - edible crocodiles!!

We all get to share these which is the best thing about Kaska's birthday really! But back to his happy day:

Kaska gives it a good sniff to check it out first.

Then a good lick...mmm seems pretty tasty.

Oh yes!

And after a good day of fresh air, playing and munching...a well-earned snooze:

Happy Birthday Kaska!


  1. Hey Happy Birthday Kaska! I know a mini schnauzer who is 11, his name is Merlin, and he is very relaxed and wise. I bet you have years of built up wisdom in you too! I love that you get special privileges - you have earned them!

    That croc looked good, Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  2. Happy Birthday Kaska, looks like you had a great time, love your bandanny, I know when I get mine on its time to pose for the camera lol!!!
    Thanks for your visit.
    Have a Good Week
    See yea George xxx

  3. Happy birthday Kaska, those crocodiles are very tasty, mmmmm.

  4. Happy Birthday for yestrday Kaska! What fantastic photo's, you remind the omster of me (dex) - do you get called Victor Meldrew sometimes?! The crocodiles look yummy, I'm going to put them on my birthday list, it's not until Novemeber but may as well start now! Dex and Lou xxx

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Kaska! Those crocodiles
    sure looked yummy!

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Kaska! Age is just mind over matter, ok? If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! Aunty Tooki doesn't like crocodiles at all (unless they're bags or purses) so it's a good thing they get to be eaten by you...

  7. happy belated birthday! those crocodiles look yummy!
    yuki and rocket