Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cawood Village Craft Festival

This is a photo of Alfie who is a lovely miniature schnauzer I first met when I was a puppy last year. He lives in the vicarage at Cawood not far from our village and he has huge responsibilities as he not only has a big house to guard but an enormous garden ...and a church! He has been quite stressed with it all this weekend as because it was a bank holiday there was the Craft & Scarecrow Festival with lots going on. Many people and dogs from all over have been coming and stalls have been set up in Alfie's garden with bands playing music and people on bikes and old cars and..well all sorts. Anyway me and Caoimhe went to Cawood and here are some of the sights:

Cawood's X Factor with Humpty Dumpty giving it his best shot. (The people here say that Humpty Dumpty comes from Cawood as it was a rhyme made up about Cardinal Wolsey in the 16th century who lived for a while at Cawood Castle where he enjoyed walking along the high walls before he fell out of favour with the king was arrested and then died!)

 This is me hoping to hear about my good fortune to come from Gypsy Rose Lea.

Another good shot of me in front of one of the classic cars. And if anyone is more interested in the car (not very likely!) here is the car:

We went to look at all the stalls in the vicarage garden and there was a band playing rock music from the past and lots of places selling food - cooking burgers and sausages and so-o many lovely smells! Then Judith & Leigh bought an ice cream and at last I was allowed a little treat although I did have to get up on my hind paws for a smidgen of strawberry ice cream:

Caoimhe didn't have her eye on the food that time and missed out! Then we were on our way again.
As we are in a farming area of the UK there are always lots of tractors about and some very old ones:

And some with scarecrows driving them:

Caoimhe thought that little stuffed toy was a real dog and barked at it! But then when we were on our way back we met my friend Alfie :

Caoimhe started to bark at him too as she's not learned many social skills yet but after a bit she was OK as Alfie is very sweet as you can see. Then we found some more scarecrows hiding away in the bushes:

and menacing passers-by:

Well it was a lovely afternoon at Cawood and a special thank you to Alfie and his family for letting us come into his garden especially as he's not been very well lately and we hope he'll soon be fully fit.


  1. Alfie sure looks serious...:) We will never be able to enjoy such an interesting walk here because doggies are not welcomed, well, anywhere with humans in this country...:(

  2. It was a very nice festival and we enjoyed it vicariously all the more because of the nice way you posed with everything around there. You are truly an intense personality.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  3. Hi Magic and Co!! What a great day out, you do go to some lovely places, Alfie looks a sweetie. Momster took Louis out to a Fete and Dog show Sunday and they saw 100s of dogs, Louis got extra treats for not barking and I got to stay home with my favourite popster! have a great week guys, don't forget all the eventa around blog land this week! Dex and Lou xxx

  4. Hi Magic! Wow Alfie has a wonderful garden.
    I love the pictures. Looks fun!

  5. Loved seeing the scarecrows, I like the one on the trator, they did have a scarecrow festival in a village not far from where we live but they are not doing one this year, I loved going to see them all, thanks for showing us.
    See Yea George xxx